Growing out of it

My home internet is dead again.

The other day I grabbed a copy of Little House on the Prairie to read on the train. Laura Ingalls Wilder books used to be facinating. I persisted with its ‘aimed at younger children’ style until I hit something along the lines of, “And Ma picked out an orange looking carrot”.

It was too much. I had to stop.

Carrots are orange and as far as I know they don’t come in any other colour.

Fare ye well, Little House on the Prairie, you served me well back in the day but from now on no more!


  1. melinda said:

    I can’t resist correcting a spello-faScinating-note the S before the C Bec-you have tripped up on this one before and I am feeling picky and PMTish tonight. See you tomorrow.
    Love Mum (who taught you to spell way back when!)

    October 6, 2007
  2. said:

    Strangely enough, the carrots we ate in India were red. We wondered what the pieces of red vegetable were until we bit into them and found they tasted just like carrots back home. We asked and sure enough, that’s what they were.

    Last night we were at the Perth Royal Show and some friends of ours showed us a purple carrot that they’d picked up at the Department of Agriculture. I’m not sure if it’s orange inside but the skin was very purple.

    October 7, 2007

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