The Art of Cussing

Worth a read.

I think I agree, maybe not to quite the extent said as I think there are other factors involved when it comes to swearing.

I don’t as a general rule swear much. Sure words crop up in my head now and then and occasionally make it outloud… I mean when your friend’s car is moments prior to being t-boned by a 4wd and you’re in the passenger seat you don’t much care that you happen to swear (That was ages ago, the whole car accident thing)…

Meanwhile, my thoughts on replacement words such as ‘fudge’… they are kind of irrelevant (except to soften it for the oldies)… your intention is the same. Right.

I still don’t really like swearing.


I really like this concept I am the church.

Geoff talked about this when he was running youth this morning, about the necessary collective of Christianity.

Sooo… can a hermit off in the forest on his own island be a Christian? Must belief be accompanied by action?

I think so.

I like how God made two people to start us off.

I like how God is three.

Christianity Church