Well as of tonight Geoff and I are in search of some pre-marriage counselors… nope nothing’s gone horribly wrong in our relationship (it’s going quite alright thank you!) but we had it all nicely lined up and were on a bit fat waiting list and now (as I’m inclined to say at the minute), we have been shafted.

Of course the couple were nice about it, but as it is, we’ve already left it late because we’ve been waiting and now we have to go find someone else.

There is one potential up our sleeve – they live a bit away but it’s doable, but some prayer would be nice. We’re 9 weeks out from getting married (or so I’m told) and it’s one of the things we are really keen on doing and think is important.

Pretty sure we’ll wind up doing the Prepare course. Anyone done this one?


I haven’t dropped off the planet, I’ve been busy doing homework for assignments due yesterday, today and in the coming week.

This blog got a massive lot of hits the other day – I cannot work it out. I don’t think I even posted.

Anyway. I want to thank you for reading, it’s good fun having readers to be really honest, and I shall be back in full force within the next week or so.

If you read and you don’t comment (or even if you do), could whack a short comment on the end of this post – I’m just curious.


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