The Eye of the Storm

melissa-egan-my-kite.jpgIt’s been nothing short of a mental weekend. I sometimes wonder how we manage to fit so much into our lives without going utterly insane? No doubt we offend and frustrate people along the way with our lack of given time/attention, but it is impossible to cater well for everything and I don’t really feel like apologising for it. Life via weekends isn’t a continuum of busy, it just is at the moment. We’ll get there.

Wedding #4 down, 3 to go before our own. Had a nice interlude on Saturday at a Soul Survivor youth leaders brunch (By the way there’s a great shot of some of our youth kids the seventh photo in the rotating lot on the front page), it was great to be encouraged, oddly enough through hearing that we aren’t the only youth group with it’s struggles. I love the work the team at Soul do, it’s really genuinely nice to have some people out there who will input good stuff into your youth group now and then and light little fires that help you keep going.

I am officially done with uni for the year. Assignments and all. I cannot believe that tomorrow I face a Monday with incredibly few responsibilities. I intend to exploit the day in some happy fashion and hope to catch a friend or two/be self indulgent/read a book/go somewhere for coffee/do wedding stuff at a leisurely pace/sleep-in. Hey, I could even put some effort into writing a remotly thought indulged blog post. It’s been long enough.

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  1. said:

    You’re done?!? Congratulations. Oh goodness, I’m so jealous.

    November 12, 2007

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