My home internet is down for a few days… the joys of someone running over the limit. I don’t think it was me.

Just quenched the hardly reading/finishing of any fiction for months with a ripper I scored from the oppshop.

Really weird but absolutely brilliantly written. Writing to make your mouth fall open and your jealous heart run overtime.

A Blind Man Can See How Much I Love You


il_fullxfull13116901.jpgIt’s too early to list off new years resolutions, but I’m determined in some way next year to teach myself some illustration. I really think it would be a useful skill. Here’s the thing, I’m never very inspired to draw. I used to draw and draw quite reasonably back when I was 13, but it was always from photos (I was animal obsessed). I’m not necessarily after realism, but how do you develop your own style? And where do you think is a good place to start? I’m keen to pursue ink drawing and things that I can get on to the computer to manipulate further.

Should I go buy a book? Do a course in my non-existent free time? Start drawing (and where do I get ideas!)? Keep an art journal?

I think that mostly I’m stuck for ideas and I don’t want to totally rip off other people’s ideas.


I was thinking about two moments that have happened during my week.

While playing hotbox frisbee and cricket with work people, we were being closely scrutinised by an 8 year old girl who clearly wanted to join in. She was lurking in background of both our game and some guys playing soccer nearby. She was bored and impatient although had sporadic moments of entertaining herself strangely. Her mother wasn’t paying her much attention.

While we roller skated around like idots in 80’s dresses a little girl joined some of the girls holding up Jaclyn’s (my cousin) dress train, she didn’t really ask for permission but had an absolute blast (she also skated brilliantly). We had no idea who she was but figured it was okay, her mum was watching from the sidelines.

This illustrates in a small way to me, something about getting involved. Maybe it helps if someone watching out for us? And if our courage comes from that, then why do we as Christians sit on the sideline lurking instead of ‘doing’ so often?


210289852_b2812e3751_m.jpgI’ve started vaguely thinking about the problem of being a self indulgent and if it’s a) appropriate in moderation, b) appropriate at all, c) alright if you don’t hit an extreme.

Boundless have a reasonable article – thoughts semi began here, although it’s been highlighted through my recent recognition of how much money I’ve spent lately.

Indulging seems to occur in several ways:

Buying ‘satisfying’ stuff
Buying/eating comfort/happy food
and the tendancy to spend time in a comfortable way, both literally through sleep or even just doing stuff that’s enjoyable.

Typically I approach holidays as a ‘more indulgent time’ and I think there is a balance of ‘relax’ for your own good/health and dare I say happiness (on the mental stakes end) and fun but sometimes we go too far.

I am unsure what the point is. Or what I can do about it, besides to ‘stop buying things’. I don’t want to tread the other extreme of burning out because I’m doing so much ‘good’ stuff to deal with the ‘guilt’ – which to be honest isn’t super strong.

Anyway, they are my initial thoughts.

Ps. We now have a Labor government. I’m pleased with the outcome this time around, although I can’t say I sit heavily in either major party court.

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I should tell it all in pictures. Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera with me for a staff afternoon of hotbox frisbee and tippity cricket, or my cousin’s hens night – and rocking up to a rollerskating rink in 80’s bridesmaid/bride(for her) dresses, and skating with them on – now that was fun. Not exactly me, but it was hilarious and no one broke anything.

Along with all that I’ve also been keeping busy at my cousin’s bridal shower, my friend Mark’s wedding (Beth came in on a Ute!) (photos below and on facebook) and a 12 hour marathon and I’m not exaggerating, of making bridesmaid dresses (photos below).

Better posts to come, as always.

Mark and Beth

markbeth.jpg ontheute.jpg

Bridesmaid Dress Make-a-thon: 10:30am – 12:30am

2x 95% complete
1x 80% complete
1x 50% complete

analaura.jpg sew.jpg elycehardwork.jpg


Ana and Jess eventually fell asleep and we went so long we even wore Sally out:


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