Glass Farce

sceats.jpgI hate buying glasses.

I love new glasses, but the finding of frames is a henious task.

I’ve spent a few trys now searching out a very reasonable optical shop near me to no avail. There is NOTHING in that shop of quite a few hundred glasses that really works.

A momentary visit to a far more expensive place located one potential (shown in the picture). This frame costs $279. That’s without lenses. That’s atrocious.

I have a narrowish/small face and so for the most part glasses are too wide or too big. I also have discovered that I can’t go too square, too round (yuck anyway), most plastic frames don’t work (damn I really wanted that truly artsy fartsy look – but what can you do!), they can’t be too dark or too light, the arms cannot be very thick or it doesn’t work, and I don’t think I’m that keen on semi-rimless. That and I don’t really want a repeat of my current ones because I’ve had the frames for six years. That’s quite long enough.

There are online places that are beautifully cheap but I’m scared of wasting money on frames that don’t work. These come close. At $75, what do you think? Do I take the risk?

Oh… and if you see the Sceats 9709 (pictured) for a reasonable price somewhere online please do let me know.

I should just save up big and go get my eyes lasered….


  1. On the laser surgery front – I’m going to wait 25 years from the time lots of people started having it done, then do some research into the failure/problem rate. At this point, I’m just not game.

    As for the specs… you definitely can’t go too round. The Daria comments would be far too hard to resist.

    November 15, 2007
  2. said:

    I have a tiny face, and lots of trouble finding glasses. I wanted ‘arty’ frames too – there’s notthing worse than feeling like a geek in something you have to wear every day!! I traipsed high and low and ended up at Melbourne Optical Centre (I think that’s what it’s called). They’re on Elizabeth Street, with a y yellow sign. It’s run by two optometrists, both really lovely. They consciously target the smaller-faced market because they realised there was a gap there! They have a smaller collection than places like OPSM, but some lovely frames and good prices. I’ve been back there for regular tests, my sunnies, contacts (which I only wear when I’m super dressed up because I hate them)

    I wouldn’t buy online, unless I’d already tried on the frames and knew exactly what I was doing. $279 actually isn’t too bad for frames. Then again, I don’t reign in the budget on my glasses the way I do on everything else – I have to wear them all day, every day, and on my face.

    Oh – and private health insurance is really, really worth it for lenses – check out OPSM’s website.

    November 19, 2007
  3. said:

    hey, Sceats is stocked everywhere – you should be able to find some to try on, and then maybe order online??

    November 19, 2007

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