Hair and dress

Lovely Ali is doing our wedding hair. She had a play with it today, I’m very happy.

She’s also rather musical.

Today I picked up my dress from it being taken up… now I have to make sure I don’t put on any weight as it’s a fraction tighter than it was before. Woops! Christmas beware.


  1. said:

    Oh bec, ignore paul! I love the girlyness that pops out from you sometimes!!
    I was actually thinking about it the other day, while listening to David Crowder actually, how you have changed with time…as we all do. But you have blossomed, Love has free’d you. You just seem so comfortable in your own skin, and happy. It’s a beautiful beautiful thing!!
    I’m so excited about your wedding, I know you’ll look beautiful and even though I shant be dining with you rabble, I’m still just as excited to get to see you walk the aisle and by the time you wander your way back up it, being a Mrs!!
    31 days till you get married!! forget christmas, thats the countdown I’m doing 😀
    Hows the nerves/planning/stress? Writings can be deceiving, but you appear to be holding together rather nicely, infact better than nicely…splendidly!

    December 4, 2007
  2. said:

    Nerves/planning/stress is actually pretty good Jess. Better than a few months ago when uni was clogging my time (and it payed for it in some areas) – Trying to knock a cold/sore throat thing at the moment but other stuff is coming along fine 🙂 I should probably write another list to scare myself…

    December 5, 2007

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