It’s a sweltering 40 degree day in Melbourne. I’m sitting inside Geoff’s house with the air-con going, Ingrid Michaelson playing and watching order-of-service pages print. We’ve had that much trouble with the printer (this is is the third attempt) Geoff re-named it “Piece of Crap”. Now it’s kindly churning them out. Maybe technology listens… or maybe the new cartridge is working.

It would be unfair on the poor old blog (and perhaps you readers) to leave a gaping hole in the goings-on of the past little while. The post previous to this one might have just as well been left unwritten. I have however at my fingertips a few photos and a few memories to at least get down in some form.

The bridal shower happened the Saturday morning before Christmas. My sister Laura did a whallop of organising and pulled off some cliches beautifully. Geoff thinks that I’m allergic to perceived cliches, let alone real ones but I coped better than expected. We did do the whole newspaper wedding dresses thing – three teams. The dresses were quite seriously amazing. Bustles, pill-box hats and the like. Lots of frills and flowers. I shall share photos when I can. It was a fun morning with friends and grandmas and aunties. Laura creatively got everyone to bring ‘gifts’ of something valuable in life (this could be something read out or something concrete for me to keep) – that way I wouldn’t wind up with any more kitchen stuff. There was advice from the ‘already marrieds’ and some yummy food.

I’ll make a short mention of my dad’s side Christmas shindig. It was a peculiar mix new and additional boyfriends/husbands/fiances and a less than full representation of the relatives, but surprisingly probably the best one we’ve had. I unfortunately head off early to a 21st I was a bit tired to be bothered going to (but that turned out okay in the end).

The hens party stretched from a Marie Antoinette style afternoon tea (High Tea) to a thing back at one of my bridesmaid’s (Jess) house. The afternoon tea was amazing. I seriously don’t think I could have done it any better way. Chateau Yerring outdid everyone’s expectations. I like my coffee and it was a perfect three hours to relax well, eat some really nice food and to chat.

Photo of the room and me with Anita (my soon to be sister-in-law!)

theroom.jpg anitabec.jpg

At Jess’ we played one unmentionable game (Thanks Ana), had a interesting kind of pass the parcel, then the girls all read out these amazing letters they’d written me (to be put in a book with photos). We watched ‘How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days’ (How suitable) and then I was so tired I skipped ship/the other movie and went to bed.

Christmas was packed in on both ends. Christmas Eve and Christmas breakfast with Geoff’s family, an early leave to get to my parents for presents followed by a leisurely lunch, then out to my mum’s side for Christmas dinner which we followed with heading back to Geoff’s family to see his Grandparents that evening. I got some nice things. My favourite was Geoff’s amazing gamble of a present – a necklace that he got off Etsy. I knew nothing and my taste is (frustratingly) fairly select. He’s done good.

And that my friends will have to do you for a little bit again. I’m keen to key up a friend with blog details so that I can get some photos of the wedding up for you before we get back to save you waiting until the end of January.

So Merry Christmas because I missed it and perhaps I’ll make it here at least once more before the big day.

…it is funny measuring increments of time as ‘x days before/after wedding’.

Holidays Life Wedding

Five deprived days.

My internet has been down and my landlord is on holidays… that and it’s been Hens night, Christmas and now a week until the wedding!

I thought about ranking each day but that takes thought. I never know quite what to give unless it’s like a 7 out of 10 because 10 has got to be the best thing ever and mmm…. it’s meaningless.

So: bad, good, very, really, the best

Bridal Shower:  very-really
Hens: really (Bucks night = really because they were nice enough to him)
Christmas: really
Boxing Day: good
Moving house: bad (too much crap lying around)

Too busy to give details, but I shall return someday. I dare say you won’t see much until the end of Jan now. But do keep an eye out incase something surprising shows up.

Holidays Life Wedding

I’m thinking that this might my first port of call into the illustration world. Digital Painting. I can do crappy little sketches and if I can turn them into something better then I might just be on to something.

We had one class on it first semester (under Digital Design) and it was fascinating. There just wasn’t the scope to explore it properly.

If you know of any decent digital painting tutorials/techniques, can you please post the link, that’d be great.

…another thing to get around to eventually.




Realistically speaking things are going to be slowing down here over the next month or two. There is Christmas to be had/celebrated a wedding to finalise and a gloriously long holiday/honeymoon.

This is not goodbye just yet, simply a warning not to expect much of quality or quantity.

Please be praying for Geoff and I over this time re: planning, marriage, being over tired (already) etc. that would be fantastic.

19 days to go. It’s come very, very quickly.  As for those hoping for photos as soon as possible after the event, I cannot promise anything at all. As it stands I don’t know where Geoff and I are going for at least the first three days – it is a surprise (huzzah!) and after that we’ll be on the road and there onwards away from technology. I think that this time that I might just survive without it.

It is kind of funny how people that we know from the ‘blogging world’ have had a nice little representation in the whole deal. There are those who have offered suggestions, tips etc. She who is speaking at our wedding and the guy with whom we wound up doing pre-marriage stuff with. Thank you for being a part of it!

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