Five deprived days.

My internet has been down and my landlord is on holidays… that and it’s been Hens night, Christmas and now a week until the wedding!

I thought about ranking each day but that takes thought. I never know quite what to give unless it’s like a 7 out of 10 because 10 has got to be the best thing ever and mmm…. it’s meaningless.

So: bad, good, very, really, the best

Bridal Shower:  very-really
Hens: really (Bucks night = really because they were nice enough to him)
Christmas: really
Boxing Day: good
Moving house: bad (too much crap lying around)

Too busy to give details, but I shall return someday. I dare say you won’t see much until the end of Jan now. But do keep an eye out incase something surprising shows up.

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