Out of ‘out of home’ or: there and back again

Today I moved out.

Stupid to move on another scorcher of a day, but it had to be done. My room was a dismal bomb to begin with and now it has been packed and transferred to Geoff’s house (Minus the furniture and a couple of kitchen things). It was a mammoth task in this energy sapping day, but it is done. Now we just have to deal with it at this end. Geoff went above and beyond.

Tonight I am moving myself back to my parents place where I will find a quiet corner to sleep for the next four days so that it comes more quickly… or something like that anyway.

Tomorrow there is a church to set up, youth group waiters to brief and I’m sure other numerous yet-unknown tasks.

The tired radar is sitting contentedly low, despite staying up to see the New Year in with some friends.

How fitting, starting something ‘new’ on the first day of the year. Who’d have thought!

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