To follow up on two posts before this one, a day later I heard we had been approved for the new house. So much yay. So much insanity.

Today our neighbours introduced themselves (which is the nice way of it happening if you are the newbies).

I really like this place. I find it easier than the last house in many ways despite my reduced ‘study/work space’ which was the biggest downsize. The location is completely super. We still have to go hunting for a new church and if a closer excellent job came up for Geoff, possibly that too, but hey, maybe I’ll just wait on that other stuff and have a baby first.

Life Out of Home

As Dwalin from the Hobbit kindly reminds,

“You will have to manage without pocket-handkerchiefs, and a good many other things, before you get to the journey’s end.”

I am in the midst of a terribly crazy last week (now) of packing to move. Geoff is on his intensive and I have plenty of other things I have to do as well as things I would like to do but don’t have time for. It’s not exactly the most relaxing of Christmas Holidays but then again not all of them have ever been that relaxing. Thus the absence of things like Illustration Friday (which will resume when things settle down) and the low to none content on this blog.

I have also had my first interview – which I think went quite well, although I don’t think the job is really quite what I’m looking for. It would in many ways be easier if I don’t get it, but we shall see.

Holidays Life Out of Home

So, new house, nice enough place. Morning 2 or 3 after Geoff has left for work I get up and continue unpacking and finally decide to go check out where the outside bins are kept. So I step out the door in my slippers and a thin jumper and it gives this self satisfied little click as it closes behind me. My keys are inside.

So after the typical wailing and getting angry. I get through the garage to the back of the house to work out some strategy. I have no money, no phone, no keys. I am wearing open back slippers that I wouldn’t chose to be seen in public with, it’s pretty darn cold and my jumper is thin. Music plays merrily at me through the closed windows. I scan the outside of the house for possible means of getting inside – there are few. None that aren’t destructive. I have to be inside to let the phone guy in at 11am and Ron in sometime earlier to get the keys to pick up the trailer.

I decided to wait for Geoff’s dad. 30 minutes later I am rather cold and decide to follow through with the plan so I take the hammer and some cardboard and break the laundry window. It shatters rather more than I intended. Just as I get in, Ron knocks on the door.

The window I chose was a good one. Ron was wonderful and got some glass and fixed it for me which saved a bucket load of money. The Optus man was able to walk in the front door. My mum and sister came and helped unpack and took me out to lunch.

My keys have been living in my pocket. I’m thinking of having them welded to my person, along with a proper understanding of my tenses which are all over the place tonight.

Life Out of Home

Today I moved out.

Stupid to move on another scorcher of a day, but it had to be done. My room was a dismal bomb to begin with and now it has been packed and transferred to Geoff’s house (Minus the furniture and a couple of kitchen things). It was a mammoth task in this energy sapping day, but it is done. Now we just have to deal with it at this end. Geoff went above and beyond.

Tonight I am moving myself back to my parents place where I will find a quiet corner to sleep for the next four days so that it comes more quickly… or something like that anyway.

Tomorrow there is a church to set up, youth group waiters to brief and I’m sure other numerous yet-unknown tasks.

The tired radar is sitting contentedly low, despite staying up to see the New Year in with some friends.

How fitting, starting something ‘new’ on the first day of the year. Who’d have thought!

Life Out of Home

wel055.jpgYesterday evening on the train home I got the idea in my head that I really wanted lasagna. I could’ve gone the stodgy store bought way, but instead I remembered (rightly) that lasagna packets have the recipe on the back. So I made it as they said, leaving out some of the chicken stock and nutmeg.

It was good and satisfying and successful, but it took far too long for an after-work dinner and cost too much (even if I did share with Paul and Geoff). Next time I’ll make mum’s version because it’s just that bit nicer, or Anne’s vego version, or add a bit more cheese sauce – there wasn’t quite enough for my liking.

I’d go vegetarian if it wasn’t for meat lasagna, pasta, roasts, pies, stew, curry…

Cooking Out of Home