Bec and Geoff are married

Hello. A two week hiatus is about the longest All Said and Done has ever seen. I did forget to wish myself/blog a happy 3rd birthday on December the 12th. So happy 3 years.

My mind can now muse wedding without being at all stressfully consumed. It is a strange thing, there is a whole side of my brain that has returned cleanspun. I have yet to wade through every single photo (Although I’m giving it a good shot – hurry up people if you haven’t posted them yet!) and present unwrapping will happen tonight.

We arrived back late last night… a good four hours later than intended as our car blew up on the way home. This was really the most major drama, bar the Spamalot tickets that were booked for the wrong date but that turned our stupendously and ended happily with far better seats than we started with. The car is probably very very dead and is sitting in a little town four hours away. Thanks to kind friends and parents we did arrive home, but somewhat more tired than you should be after a two week honeymoon.

As details are treacherous, especially when talking about your honeymoon, I shall outline the weeks away in a series of links. Where and what: the stay, entertainment and food highlights. No you’ll never know the whole story even if you tap into my brain, I’ve probably sub foldered everything. It’s safer you know.

After all that. I am very, very happy to be Mrs. Matheson and it sure is nice to be home.

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Please check out this video I’ve put together from a fun night a few of Bec and Geoff’s friends had the other night at their new house preparing for their return.
Sorry this is the only footage I’ve managed to upload as yet, but I’m having some mac complications. I hope to get onto the wedding footage very VERY soon!  -over and out- jess