Forge Day 2

Day 2 of Forge Grassroots, churned along nicely with a great big breakfast to kick us off. I drank a lot of coffee yesterday.

Sally Morgenthaler in the morning, she took a bit to win me over but once things progressed passed a fairly stock standard call about being okay with self it developed interestingly and got quite personal. People should always, always share stories – they are so much more powerful. Alas my story sharing, although prolific online, is more a ‘tell information’ type of thing in person.

Oh yes, I had a funny little realisation yesterday driving home about how my collecting gene (Once thought to be put to a peaceful and thankful rest), spills over into how I think. I collect information – in a sense, subconciously – and if it’s relevant, I share it. This isn’t always a good thing.

Tom Sine storytelling – he was excellent, so excellent I went and bought his book (After remembering that I already own Mustard Seed vs. McWorld)

Then went to a work-shop and elective on Micro Church (The elective was probably not worth our while, but the workshop was great).

And heard Tall Skinny Kiwi in the evening – which was really helpful (and good) on all kinds of levels. He is a fellow blogger, that I haven’t followed very well at all.

And now I have to run and head off to the city! More elaboration later.

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