Become what you want to save

I really love this song – I know Derek Webb’s version (not sure if he wrote it). The only version I can find on you tube is this of a practice (highly amusing start). Next week I have to become something from a grade 3-6’er as I’m leading on a kids camp at Adanac – which is where I spent three weeks working the start of 2005:

The year before was with Vashti, up at Adanac. A quiet one, a good one. A distinct time of God and working out that perhaps maybe he wanted to do something with my life instead of being an apathetic whoever. – 2006

The place holds some interesting memories. I’ll probably recall why it’s crazy to lead on kids camps by the end of the week. But  a camp experience can mean a lot for life, it has in mine and to be able to give something back is good. It’ll suck being a week away from Geoff though (Although it is the place God  told me the name of the guy was going to marry even though I ignored it and forgot it until after it was already on the cards). God has a sense of humor.

Take to the World

Go in peace to love and to serve
Let your ears ring long with what you’ve heard
And may the bread on your tongue
Leave a trail of crumbs
To lead the hungry back to the place that you are from

And take to the world this love, hope and faith
Take to the world this rare, relentless grace
And like the three in one
Know you must become what you want to save
‘Cause that’s still the way
He takes to the world

Go, and go far
Take light deep in the dark
Believe what’s true
He uses all, even you

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  1. said:

    Ahh… so that was what it was.
    I seem to remember you had some sort of strange revelation on some camp there, but you didn’t share anything about it.
    Also, I wonder how Vashti is doing…

    January 12, 2009

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