As life as a design student progresses, my interest increases in both the very ‘boring’ matter of php code and very inspiring angle of illustration. I would love – as I have said before to take an illustration class – it seems that uni assumes that you can draw – or doesn’t care beyond the very first subject offered – Intro to Communication Design.

I found a site today on Illustration and watched one of the tutorials on there and happily learnt a few new things about Illustrator and now would rather like to invest in the tool that turns the painstaking pen tool variants into something more like drawing in Flash. I never said that. I never would shun Adobe. But it really isn’t made for impatient people. And oh gosh to discover the intersect/paths something tool – it’s something I’ve wanted all along – but never have known what to look for.

Here is the site: Illustration Class.

I truly love people who put helpful things up on line.

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