cvrI did a publication design class this semester. Probably not quite as much info on being exuberant within the book space as I would’ve liked – they talked far more about magazines. I’m interested in book design and I’d love to be more experimental rather than conventional but I am hesitant probably because I value the integrity of the text… which is why I don’t like David Carson (Typographer). You see these marvelous book designs but the book becomes a work of art (or a mess) and no longer a book and I kind of don’t see the point… So, the assignment option was either a book or a magazine. My 10,000 words was a selection of Hans Christian Anderson stories. I also chose to generate my own images – you didn’t have to. Thought I’d have some fun with photography – some of which you have seen previously. Anyway, below are a few of the book spreads.

I had an awful experience with printing in that they made a bit of a mess in trimming my book so some of the white edge is now… erm, closer to a bleed and was rough. But the bookbinder I tracked down was lovely and next time I would get any trimming done only through him (you live and learn) – he at least fixed the rough edge, was VERY reasonably priced and even gave me some gold leaf on the cover for free – very tasteful I might add! So the printing wasn’t overly beautiful (along with the cover sleeve) but digital printing is a little limited in many regards especially if you go through someone cheap and quick. All the imagery is my own.






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I am on holidays!!! (So perhaps the blog will see a little more action as my time is invested less in homework.)

Here’s the grasshopper – the ‘official’ mockup. The subject was about design and production i.e. the methods you would use to mass produce your item (not all were pop-ups) and correct file set up and print separations etc. Also got to use the photography studio at uni which was great although I managed to leave one of my spare camera batteries there and it got packed away with the uni equipment, eventually it shall return to me, thankfully have three of them so should be right.

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