Tour de France

Before Friday I have to crash course myself in Tour de France everything. Our friends Cat and AJ are rather into it all and we are heading to theirs for an evening – I guess it’s the final (I don’t know!!!) of Tour de France everything. So we have to each pick a team: I will be going for team Columbia (because Geoff told me I should because I have Columbia shoes and a tent….err yes – besides they’re good) – no one is allowed the same team…

I will do some scouting tomorrow – but if you have suggestions for something like a quick but thorough overview, that’d be great. I know diddly squat. Except that it’s long distance team cycling through France.


  1. said:

    The race finishes in Paris on the 26th of July.

    For an understanding of the various awarded jerseys in the event check out this post –

    From the official Tour de France website:

    Running from Saturday July 4th to Sunday July 26th 2009, the 96th Tour de France will be made up of 21 stages and will cover a total distance of 3,500 kilometres.

    These 21 stages have the following profiles:

    * 10 flat stages,
    * 7 mountain stages,
    * 1 medium mountain stage,
    * 2 individual time-trial stages,
    * 1 team time-trial stage.

    Hope that helps.

    July 9, 2009
  2. Cat said:

    love your committement Bec!
    And very impressed with Rodney’s overview!
    AJ is bound to keep a running commentary going (arrrr) and I may yell at the tv at some stage, so I’m sure you’ll find out everything you need to know! x

    July 10, 2009

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