My last slug at university is sealed. Very nicely I might add. It’s all day Monday (ie. 8:30-5:30) with some well placed 1hr gaps to cover early lunch and then late afternoon coffee. Then Tuesday from 1:30-5:30, so there’s the morning free. And Wednesday at 8:30am for one hour, and that hour is a lecture so hopefully it will wind up online and won’t have to go in. But really. That’s a pretty freaking awesome timetable.



As you may or may not be aware, I had a slightly less than conventional childhood – growing up in the Solomon Islands as a missionary kid.

Danica was the ‘big girl’ of the SITAG’ers (Solomon Islands Translation Advisory Group) and we used to trail after her with our rocks and plans to beat the boys whenever there was a reason for a bunch of us expats to be ‘in town’ (Honiara). Danica’s experience of the Solomons was remarkably different to my own – her family lived on the furthererst atoll and mine lurked closer to population.  It is still a Solomons experience and a Solomons experience is one I have never really tried to put into words – I’m not sure why? Perhaps I don’t trust my memory?

Her stories are here, I could relate despite differences.



My digitial painting needs lots of work and I have no idea what to do with backgrounds. But it was fun and I should do it more for practice, especially as my illustration skills need boosting (in any way shape or form).

(Used Wacom Tablet, Adobe Photoshop and a photo of a hare, to get an idea of body shape etc.)

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From the Couch has some excellent little tutorials.

I particularly like this one on moodboards, it’s pretty much common sense but a good reminder and nice to see a particular working style.

…the only thing I don’t like about their site is their logo, it unfortunately kinda looks like warped boobs. :\

(Another little fun thing is this copy/paste site where you click on the character to auto copy it! Handy! ☂ How else do you get umbrellas!)

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100habitsofsucessfulI have book lust. Flicked through it at Borders the other day, was very impressed.

I was close to buying it, but not officially working at the moment means I have to ask Geoff for money, and you can only do that so many times. (No really, my husband is very generous and his money is my money we just don’t share bank accounts… hehe but I do find it amusing). Design books aren’t cheap.

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