Inexpensive Perfume

perfumeI’m not obsessed with perfume by any means. Perfume is FAR too expensive, however wonderful the bottles look and smell. My sister Emily has a method she uses to capitalise on her perfume purchases – Emily owns a LOT of perfume.

Her trick is to keep an eye out at Kmart and the like on gift boxes. These gift boxes often come on sale. You can’t always see what’s in them as they are sealed over but the back should give it away. The box I got today cost me $35. I got a body lotion, shower gel, 50ml bottle of eau de toilette of the L’Air du Temps (essentially a cheaper, ‘less pure’ version of the same scent as the real perfume) and a very small bottle of the real stuff. An equivalent 50ml bottle of the real stuff on it’s own would’ve cost me near $100.

Good deal. Yes.


  1. said:

    Your terminology leaves much to be desired…lol…the stuff you got is ‘real’, it’s just not as concentrated as parfume would be.

    July 13, 2009

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