We have a pretty awful and small back yard. There is this patch of grass – well weeds, to one side complete with carcass of dead bird. We periodically rip out the weeds in this section to pass rental inspections and it becomes dirt again. It’s a rental, I’m not interested in gardening.

Today it was sunny and I was inspired being my last day before I have to go back to uni, so I put a picnic rug down, grabbed a pillow and another blanket and lay outside and read Cest La Folie – a book about a guy who moves to France to reclaim life, challenge himself with starting out somewhere he knows no one and keep some chickens. The awful, small backyard was pretty lovely.

Perhaps I will move to France, reclaim some life, challenge myself, start somewhere I know hardly anyone and keep some chickens… but then it’s not half bad here at times.

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