popular-penguin-coversLast night saw the roll out of Cat and my brainchild. A bookclub that takes it’s material from the Popular Penguin books, mostly because they are cheap, readily available and on the whole with only a few exceptions entirely fantastic. There are twelve of us – largish group really, but despite not everyone knowing each other it seemed to work quite splendidly. We will be meeting once a month (subject to review).

First book on the agenda is Cold Comfort Farm, which I can hopefully go purchase today. We meet again in a month. I’m either going to have to pace myself or write notes to aid my shocking memory, unless of course the book is slow and dull and then it might take me a month… although I somehow doubt it.

I’m rather happy to be finally doing something like this. Now I just have to convince everyone that reading a John Wyndam is worthwhile – despite it being kind of vaguely sci-fi. And do the dishes from last night…


mohnkuchen2200A cafe I  frequent sometimes serves possibly the best pie/cake thing on the planet. It’s entirely full of poppy-seeds, not too sweet, not too savory, it has a cake/pie type crust and for the life of me I cannot work out what it is in it. I have scoured Google to not too much avail and the closest looking recipe I have come across is this one:

Recipe for German Poppy Seed Cake

I intend to experiment slightly to get something close to what I really like, the addition of the baked sour-cream layer sounds pretty darn good as well. Shall share success or failure when I get around to it and once I work out what farina is and what I can substitute (Semolina?).