Design vs. Art


There is an absolutely fantastic article on the difference between art and design over on Web Designer Depot.

I found the below point particularly interesting.

“A good piece of design can still be successful without being to your taste. If it accomplishes its objective of being understood and motivates people to do something, then whether it’s good or not is a matter of opinion.”

Mostly because it is true and it is something I don’t always remember. Design to me is made up of many components and questions. Information/Communication is just as important as Aesthetic. In describing yourself as a designer there seems to be some tension about aesthetic, yes it’s important in terms of appealing, but something can be less than mindblowingly artistic and still serve it’s purpose. This is motivating and this is the bit lots of people (who don’t design) don’t get. There are different pressures on both the design and the art front. I clearly belong on the design front and will maintain a respectful admiration for my amazingly talented artist counterparts.

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