Speaking of houses, a friend recently went to the Solomons and they took a photo of the house we used to own and lived in for some time! Weird. And super cool. We used to do school in that bit to the side. It was on a lean back then too.


House Life Solomon Islands


Just a small update on where all the ‘changing careers/suburbs/life’ thing is going. My in-laws are buying an investment property which Geoff and I will rent, which is (in my opinion) AMAZING. So we have been looking at many many houses online and have in the past week or two checked some out.

Today we went to an auction but a tentative bidding tango between a very subdued Asian man who looked at the house half way through the auction (strange much?) and a very worried looking couple we decided it probably went above what we thought it was worth. Post this, we checked out several more a suburb over – which makes very little difference in the scheme of things and it seems to be much better value.

There are a few houses I am quite keen on. Two of which have been informally dubbed ‘party houses’ by Geoff (who hasn’t even seen them) one of which would need to be pretty much entirely repainted – would totally be worth it, but it’s lots of fun looking. Basically there’s not a huge amount of emotional investment on anyone’s part, because err, it is an investment and there are HEAPS of very decents houses around so it’s mostly just until we hit one that we like, is good for renting should Geoff and I ever move out (j/k Anne) and is the right price.

I shall keep you posted.

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