As there was a comment about the pipe-smoking bunny, it seems only right to pull an illustration from the same book. This illustration is by by Adam Kilian and comes from Anna Kamienska‘s Zajeczy Palac. The book is entirely in Polish (I think?) and features quite a few styles (I like it so much that it’s going to get more than one turn). This ship is my favourite. I think it’s a folk tale or a poetry book. Adam Kilian is best known for his involvement with Polish theatre and puppetry.

“I am incapable of defining his art,” young designer Dorota Kolodynska said of Adam Kilian. “It combines the sophistication of an exceptional artist with the nobly naive sensitivity of a child. Adults savor its artistic excellence, while its magical colors and forms enchant children. And yet, his art is hardly superficial. Instead of offering routine forms, it stimulates viewers’ sensitivities through intentional ambiguities. It operates like theatre of the imagination.” (“Gazeta Wyborcza – Stoleczna,” 13 February 2003)

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montage1It seems a shame to not do something like this when I have such a wealth of resources available to me. As you may or may not know, my mum sells books (mostly kids books) on Ebay under the name gudfalabuks. Her stock levels tend to surpass the rate at which she sells, so much so that my Dad is in the middle of building a shed out the back in an attempt to reclaim some room/s. Anyway occasionally mum comes across books full of beautiful illustrations. Usually my sisters (two of which live at home) squabble over them and then I come along for a visit and the book winds up going home with me. So I now have a small but essentially endless supply of books with great illustrations. And other times I can rely on books being delivered directly into my hands.

Cue: Illustration Friday.

On Fridays you can expect to find up here a post about a book illustration/s. It might be a kids book, or a cover of a favourite novel… The few to the left are just a teaser.

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Pleased to report that we have our housing sorted for next year! We will potentially see if we can get out of our current lease a little bit early but might have to play that one by ear. If that’s the case we’ll can potentially move around the Christmas period. Which could be a bit crazy, but considering the whole of November through January is going to be totally out of whack with Geoff on intensive and me job hunting and everything else, I’ve decided that a little bit more of crazy wont make much difference. I am looking forward, oddly, to sorting through our crap and whittling everything down before moving. I intend to be ruthless.

And while I’m talking about houses, check out:

The Clingstone House. Oh my gosh it’s awesome!

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