Come Thou Fount” is desperately honest and lovely. There is this line, “Prone to wander, Lord I feel it. Prone to leave the God I love.” It points to anguish and to pain and in a very small way to hope.

I found this cartoon tonight.

And this page of quotes – quite fascinating – about spirituality and God. People’s questions.

Be more honest.

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My lovely sister is well on her way to being a pastry chef. She has started blogging at Spoon Fork Ladle.

She’s hilarious and the food is divine.

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I managed to totally forget to mention that my littlest sister is engaged! Danny-dan-dan and Haig face are getting married June next year. Very pleased about the whole thing really! Aren’t they just a bit cute (photo by Lucy).

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This morning I spoke at Ranges. Now and then somehow who’s been there a while gets to ‘tell their story’. It was my turn.

Tim recorded it for Amanda who couldn’t come. Perhaps I’ll ask him to shoot it my way and if it’s not too embarrassing I might share. Maybe.

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