Teach For Australia – an amusing night out

As a conclusion to Geoff’s time at Teach for Australia (Part 1 Intensive) there was a concluding function with the deputy Prime-minister. After the event a large crew (most of the associates) went out to a Chinese Restaurant. I had a great time…

  • Someone thought I was ‘from Canberra’ as a media person for Julia Gillard because of my camera (hehe)
  • Got a photo with Julia Gillard but worked out later that I didn’t even shake her hand (oops)
  • My $25 dress that I bought 3 years ago got passed off as CUE
  • They served calamari at the Chinese Restaurant (the rest of the food was fairly terrible)… but why calamari!?
  • The toilet at the restaurant: no lights, no toilet paper
  • Had a conversation with one of the associates about being ‘third culture kids’
  • Got told I was an AMAZING wife (because I came to heaps of random TFA things – like the cricket)… must note that the person who said this was fairly intoxicated.

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  1. said:

    You’d be surprised how often people see any camera with a lens on the front and assume press. Got the same thing with my first SLR!

    January 22, 2010

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