I love any chance to take photo of willing subjects… it’s SO fun. And am thinking I should investigate if there are any photography classes around, that will make me get out there a bit more and try some new things. This photo is from a rather extensive lot I took of my lovely cousin who is due in April.

I would share more but she hasn’t seen them all yet and it is only fair.

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How beautiful on the mountains
are the feet of those who bring good news,
who proclaim peace,
who bring good tidings,
who proclaim salvation,
who say to Zion,
“Your God reigns!”

Isaiah 52:7


And I must be crazy to even think of wiping the dust off your feet

But still, you put me on your stool and you clean my filthy heels

And you deserve nothing less than my whole submission to your grace

-Isobelle McCallum


So here I am, in the middle way, having had twenty years—
Twenty years largely wasted, the years of l’entre deux guerres
Trying to use words, and every attempt
Is a wholly new start, and a different kind of failure
Because one has only learnt to get the better of words
For the thing one no longer has to say, or the way in which
One is no longer disposed to say it. And so each venture
Is a new beginning, a raid on the inarticulate
With shabby equipment always deteriorating
In the general mess of imprecision of feeling,
Undisciplined squads of emotion. And what there is to conquer
By strength and submission, has already been discovered
Once or twice, or several times, by men whom one cannot hope
To emulate—but there is no competition—
There is only the fight to recover what has been lost
And found and lost again and again: and now, under conditions
That seem unpropitious. But perhaps neither gain nor loss.
For us, there is only the trying. The rest is not our business.

T.S Eliot


image – by my new favourite artist Craigie Aitchison

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