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As you would know (if you read this blog – despite the fact that I seem to post quite infrequently) I am working at Blick Creative full time as a designer. This post is mostly to mark how much I am enjoying it, despite this week being a lot of simply learning the ropes. The people are great, the studio is lovely and the work is varied and fun. In terms of it being a Saturday, it appears the slightly earlier start (and probably the happy-stress of newness) has caught up with me and I am quite exhausted. It will be lovely to get into a proper routine.

Geoff and I were talking the other day about how since we got married 2 and a half years ago we have:

  • Lived in three different houses
  • Moved from the East to the North (of Melbourne)
  • Geoff has had 3 jobs (Including a career change)
  • I have had 3 jobs (plus freelancing)
  • I have completed my uni degree
  • Geoff has been on teaching intensive and has also done some additional study at Tabor
  • Two family weddings
  • Two family funerals
  • Overseas trip to the Solomons
  • Three churches (YVV, Ranges, Missio Dei)

Not all these things have been bad, infact on the whole they’ve been a step in a direction toward the better. But we are fairly tired and are both looking forward to some kind of vague stability for a while.

So here we are. Perhaps we’ll have a holiday in New Zealand later in the year, but besides that we’re probably staying put even if you try to drag us. Lets think about actually living for a while.

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