Finders Keepers Melbourne

Yesterday proved the discovery of something alarmingly enjoyable. Twitter announced ‘Finders Keepers‘ and their first Melbourne market and the day was unusually empty of other activity, so I roped in a friend and went along. Having being a little disappointed with the ‘State of Design’ festival… I was hoping for something at very least better (and with the Frankie mag endorsement I figured it might be pretty safe) It was quite frankly(sic), amazing. If you like are addicted to Etsy it was basically etsy in a physical venue. (Etsy perhaps you should hook up with this crew?!) Indie art and design at it’s best.

I took my friend Sam and after walking in (‘oh golly, I’m about to combust this looks so fantastic’) we decided to do ‘the loop’ before making any purchases. We did in the end do several loops and make several purchases. It was incredibly interesting and inspiring and also useful to be able to actually pick up the stuff, lots of which I’ve looked at similar pieces online and done the hmm hmm’ing. If I hadn’t just been to New Zealand I would’ve almost certainly spent more than I did. As it was, I got several Christmas presents and a really beautiful bird print from a whole lotta love.

Finders Keepers was very accessible in terms of price and variety with quality art/design pieces, a few ridiculously priced items were lurking but on the whole it was very reasonable. People were friendly, store displays were creative and the place was buzzing. I will indeed be doing my utmost to make it to any future Finders Keepers and I will be bringing with me a hoarde, rather than just one.

sorry no photos I was sans camera… NZ photos to come.

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