Cheats Autumn Bruchetta

I adapted this from the parsley thief blog: (Fall Bruchetta)

But I am Australian (hence the Autumn) and I am also lazy. So this is how I did it.

Chop up a butternut pumpkin in to cubes, microwave for less than 4 minutes (I did 4 minutes… which was too long)
Put some bread on to grill with some oil/butter whatever.
Chop up two red onions quite fine, cook gently with red-wine vinegar (I didn’t have balsamic) and a tiny bit of brown sugar.
Add half a tablespoon of paprika, a small amount of cinnamon and chop an apple up (with skin) and chuck it in the frying pan.
Add the pumpkin to the pan. Cook together.

Top the toasted bread (which you have finished off in the toaster because it was taking too long in the oven) with some ricotta and then the bruchetta mix. Eat.

What I would do differently.

In hindsight, I think would add honey to this recipe, not brown sugar and remove the apple so you get that wintery feel without it tasting like a dessert. Caramelise the onions for longer. Cook the pumpkin less. Take or leave the ricotta. Use staler bread.

But… it still tasted really good.


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