Hanoi is a mash of architectural styles and odd bits. It is beautiful but somewhat overwhelming with streets that go every which way. Flew in this morning after an all-nighter flight, thankfully the ominous ash cloud didn’t interfere. The big fat book I bought with me didn’t even get a look, instead watched some mindless Harry Potter 1 and a Grand Designs, and tried to sleep. I think I slept.


The remarkable opportunity has come up for me (through work of all things) to visit Vietnam. I will be doing some photography for Plan Vietnam around sanitation/hygiene. I leave in two weeks – which is scarcely enough time for me to work out if I need vaccinations let alone get any. I don’t know too many details of the trip yet, but should be enlightened post long weekend. I will be away probably a tad over a week. This is truly exciting way to branch out the photography further (for it is definitely something I’d like to be doing more rather than less – but is a wee bit tricky when you work full time already). I’m hoping to catch a few more weddings this year as well.

It’s also really interesting in light of the vocation question. But I’ll leave that one there for the time being.

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I have to confess that I did take this photo for the purposes of pinning it to Pinterest (of which I am heartly obsessed with) but isn’t it such a brilliant idea. Tea in a scientific beaker. Photo taken at the Firehouse, Ringwood. Sadly I had a weird reaction to the avocado (I think) in my breakfast and spent the rest of the day not feeling so dandy. But today is a new Saturday and this is a still a damn fine idea.

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I adapted this from the parsley thief blog: http://www.theparsleythief.com/2010/10/fall-bruschetta.html (Fall Bruchetta)

But I am Australian (hence the Autumn) and I am also lazy. So this is how I did it.

Chop up a butternut pumpkin in to cubes, microwave for less than 4 minutes (I did 4 minutes… which was too long)
Put some bread on to grill with some oil/butter whatever.
Chop up two red onions quite fine, cook gently with red-wine vinegar (I didn’t have balsamic) and a tiny bit of brown sugar.
Add half a tablespoon of paprika, a small amount of cinnamon and chop an apple up (with skin) and chuck it in the frying pan.
Add the pumpkin to the pan. Cook together.

Top the toasted bread (which you have finished off in the toaster because it was taking too long in the oven) with some ricotta and then the bruchetta mix. Eat.

What I would do differently.

In hindsight, I think would add honey to this recipe, not brown sugar and remove the apple so you get that wintery feel without it tasting like a dessert. Caramelise the onions for longer. Cook the pumpkin less. Take or leave the ricotta. Use staler bread.

But… it still tasted really good.



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