One month

I realise I haven’t talked terribly much about being pregnant, and that time is rapidly disappearing – with essentially one month left on the clock until the supposed due date. On the whole I’ve had things pretty good. A few odd medical moments with low platelets (where your blood wont clot so well) and two trips to the ER (none with much consequence except for appalling waits – one of which tipped the 7 hour scale, not a highlight).

Sex of the baby? Unknown. Surprise. I don’t like pink and blue stereotypes so it doesn’t bother me regarding ‘having to buy girly or boyish things’ (Yes I REALLY WANT TO KNOW).

People have been beyond generous in what they have given us and lent us and it’s been pretty remarkable that despite my extensive research and bargain compulsions that things have really just panned out beautifully. A small word of warning via the following cartoon (courtesy of Geoff) and XKCD.

I am tired of being pregnant, I’m not a terribly patient person and with a sore back and interrupted sleep it doesn’t exactly add emphasis to the persistence. I have four days of work left. Something I wasn’t dealing with quite so well a few weeks back with end so close – but now it’s the downhill coast. I have no comprehension of people who work up to a week before their due date. Insanity. Reflecting on it all my job at Blick has been amazing. The people, what I’ve learnt and the opportunities I’ve had, two years of excellent experience.

Tiredness is epic.

Baby kicking movements win.

I still have an innie!


  1. said:

    Oh my goodness, Bec! May I just say I am so, so happy that I am NOT THE ONLY ONE THAT DIDN’T GET AN ‘OUTIE’! (Although I could do this really cool trick and push it ‘out’…

    I know this sounds cliche, and it used to utterly piss me off when people said it to me, but, enjoy it while it lasts, and sleep while you can. Because although I tried to deny that my life would change… it did. It so did.

    May 25, 2012
  2. I am appalled that I am going to get an outie (I am hoping my blackhole of a belly button is going to hold out!)
    Haha. Geoff finds it quite amusing I think.

    May 25, 2012

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