Last night was the start of a spin off thing happening through Ranges. We don’t know really what it is, except that Les and Vubka (I know I’ve spelt that wrong), Bob, Tim, Cat, AJ (and Lily and Annabel), Geoff and I – not an exhaustive list for future reference as it’s rather open ended- met for dinner and had a good discussion on the Kingdom of God, church etc.

If injections were more positive things I’d equate it with that. It was good, whatever it was. And it was right. I came away hopeful.

Les very succinctly described our role in the Kingdom of God as not to ‘go build’ (Whatever the hell that’s meant to mean anyway) but rather as stewards. Taking it back to the Garden of Eden, where when ‘the fall’ occurred; there was a split in horizontal relationships between people, the land etc and we lost that perfect vertical relationship (with God) was affected. And this then are the areas we are stewards and the point being to draw things closer to that perfect vertical…. I have explained it terribly and I’m sure it’s not complete and I don’t know fully what it looks like, but it’s certainly not about a point of ‘salvation’ and a ‘go out and make converts’.

I like these people. I like what God is doing.

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