Archived #2 – A Conversation

Purely want to remember this one because it shows me just how patient God is in getting through to us and walking alongside us, willing us to understand….


You really don’t know me that well

I know, but you know me, isn’t that enough?

Why dont’ you take a little time, show me your day, spend a few hours, more would be better, but for now…

I’ll get interuppted, sidetracked.

I know. But you’ll like it, being with me. We’ll take some risks?

I’ll take some risks?

Not by yourself, with me.


To let you know who I am.

But you know me, isn’t that enough?

No. Friendship works two ways. If you know me, it will be better. I can hold you up because I know you better than you know you.

Then why should I let you? Why do I need too?

Because I care. If you know me just a little more… because friendship works both ways.

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