Archived #4 – Change

Jan ’05

I wish my world was paper thin, made of smells and beautiful even painful memories that I could revisit.

God, I miss it so much, I miss what used to be. I miss my friends.

Change is such a beautiful, terrible thing. It presents promise and the unknown and reflects the past. How does change differ from growth? Are both the inevitable, do both hurt?
Why is change so desired and so hated?
How does change both crush you and build you?
Why is the template of our lives seeped in this mysterious happening, is it wanted, is it needed Lord?
Why does change bring both hope and grief? How can we look back and be grateful for who we are now and at the same time look at now and wish we were back there?

A question: can we travel life’s journey without change affecting us so strongly? Do things have to change so we can grow? Why when the past is left behind you does it slip it’s fingers back through cracks in your vulnerability? Why aren’t we satisfied with stability nor appreciative of the disruptions.

Help me to live God.

…. Is change a process of regression when acknowledged?

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