Normality (unabridged)

Blah – really can’t cook. To quote mum, ‘the burning smell is your trademark’. What happened to my good meat pies, nice properly cooked cookies, cakes etc…? How annoying.

A Tuesday, never my favourite day. Practical Evangelism. annoying – debates, basically stuck with a horribl etopic, not enough research time and very few of our group willing to participate (or know where to start). I did not have much insentive, getting up in front of others even less so. At least I talked – probably crap, but yeah, I talked.

Rowan took our OT class as Glen T was away sick. Most insightful OT class so far, all about prophesy/the prophets.
I put a little though into that conversation I had with ___ a while back about prophesy. I am as yet unclear. I need to read more about it, talk more about it with someone.

Accountability group day. It’s fantastic hanging out with Katie and Jo. The question that seemed to get each of our hermit crabbed selves talking was, ‘what’s been most on your mind’ (or the Jo rephrase, ‘your headspace’).
I bought up the converstations thing. Really it’s been a fairly low key week – no major drama’s that my mind could think of then (or now), maybe if I read back I’ll find some. What more of a reality to check (to have forgotten) to live each day for the now, not to worry about tomorrow – it never comes afterall.

God please filter – no, flood my every day with your realities. Teach me so much more. Help me to stop and think and tell you of your greatness… and yet you intricately care for every aspect in my life. Thank you for friends. For conversations, the opportunity to learn and grow even when it seems kind of boring and dry.
Thank you Amazing holy God. You gave so much to save me, you chose to cover my guilt, my mistakes, my sinfulness. How can I thank you?
Too good Abba – I don’t deserve you.
Help me to learn how to listen to you.

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