Until Monday

1hr and I’m heading off to a work conference… the long weekend up at Stonelea which is up Alexandra way. First time I dare say for me staying anywhere that isn’t exactly ‘cheap’ accomodation. Don’t have to share a room. Intend to enjoy myself, get that ‘time’ I’m so badly after. Thinking is high high on the priority list. Will have various work meeting things to attended as well as tomorrow afternoon’s ‘Round Robin’ activity (ie: group/families activity from fishing to scavenger hunt, to volleyball) weather permitting.
Weather does not look permitting.
I’m apparently the ‘green team’ leader. Hohum.

Rebekah Smith will be there. She’s Em’s age (16ish) which is good, as we’ve known the Smiths for a long time. Otherwise, work people and their families (be they married + children).

Today, for sleeping in. Made it 11:00, bed til 11:40ish. Vivid dreams. Its if I’ve unleashed some creative monster in my brain. Haven’t dreamt at all for ages and the past few days my head’s come alive. Known and unknown characters. Out there dreams. Strange locations, strange themes. Interesting. Not funny, not terrifying. Much as an onlooker. Memorable.

Breakfast. Spent some time sitting, worked out that past few days have revolved around me and not God and that is not good, spent time talking to God. Walked dog. Online. Spent ages looking for a non-existant bag to pack in and ended up with the Retravision one. Packed.

Looking online again at MK stuff (or the severe shortage of it, will think about that and my other as yet empty blog re: that). Looked at various blogs. Found my way to NaNoWriMo by accident. Remember vaguely being told about it. Might think about doing it. Need to write more specifically.

Checking if this image thing works again… This is accountabilty group (quite a bad photo of all us). Me, Katie, Jo.

Now I’d better pack up this computer and go get dinner. No internet for 4 days. Should be good for me.


  1. katie the great said:

    love you bec!!
    we should catch up next week okay

    love katie

    June 11, 2005
  2. Friend said:

    I did NaNoWriMo last year, it was pretty good.
    Didn’t finish my story though, only got to like 20,000 words or so. Pish posh.

    June 12, 2005

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