Close to Home (unabridged)

from 15/6/05

Went to missions trip info night for Owa language group. New Testament…or is it Bible dedictation. Thats Santa Ana (Island in the Solomons). I went basically to catch up with the Mellows and take my mind off everything else.

I amaze myself… am so comfortable with them its like quiet bec doesn’t exist. Was good to laugh, to remember together. Sisters weren’t there.

Personal Creed is done! Work tomorrow and after that, freedom! Time, it finally slows down enough for me to catch up, or in taking the metaphor more literally, to get off and forget it for awhile.

Church stuff, I have now a much fuller picture.

I was reading a book I found on the table this morning, skim read cover to cover.
Fractured Families: A Melbourne church cult (link to article from the Age)

Somewhat disturbing. Namely the last names of WPC people, of whom are causing much of the problems – Roe’s, Nicholls.

I guess just that it is/was prevalant in areas like Mont Albert, Surrey Hills… all places around where church is. They had a big problem with ‘the fellowship’ in Mt Evelyn. Did I take a step back when I read that name! And some of the founders or something were missionaries in the Solomons and stuff in the SSEC church. of which was one of the denomination/churches we 50:50 attended. Too close to home. weird. Book was written only last year. Brings stuff close to home, makes you wonder.

Mmm. so Church. I will pretty much have to go to Saturday’s meeting. Dad’s prediction of the situation, probably mass exodus (maybe not) 30-40 left. Interim pastor etc… they’ll run church their way for 10 or 15yrs then it will die out (they are prty much all older). I dare say it wont be a place to attract youth, families, growth for that matter. Then again God, I have no idea what you have in plan. Sad yes, but pleased its nearly all over.

Walsh’s had some retailiation meeting at their place tonight. Monty J was going to try tell them they are being ‘carnal’ in their approach to it all. It was going to be an attempt at forcing Geoff, dad… to leave. Dad Mark and Geoff sort of beat them to it, closed the umbrella before they got a chance – the letter about resignations went out today.

Hmm, God you know what’s going on.
Thankyou for being constant, unchanging.
For being a just God and a loving God.

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