Read and Blue

To keep track of what I’ve read as my other lists that I make always seem to get lost or stop…

Read and Blue

by all means if you have read any of the books, comment away.

Only recording from today, it’s too difficult to go back and remember the ones before.

links to Amazon purely because there are reviews there… should you by any chance be interested.

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  1. katie said:

    hey bec
    i agree..good idea to have the book covers there aswell..
    i have a “reading diary” cos we had to keep one in grade 4… and since then i have, on and off (yes people do say im a nerd for still doing that) but its good. well it was good, ive hardly read anything of worth this year. at least nothing that i havent read before, and nothing that isnt for school…but still is good to look back on.
    and great idea 🙂
    love katie
    PS… this is posted here not in the other one becasue the other one didnt let me becasue i wasnt a blogger.

    June 23, 2005

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