Random thinkings while on train (unabridged)

Ok so I didn’t write yesterday. I might as well do it now as the train is relatively empty meaning that I don’t have other eyes reading this.

Today. Comparitively better than yesterday. Work yes. Melbourne like a freezer but still beautiful. Went out the back to feed Job around 7:15am this morning, still hints of sunrise, full moon, sky completely clear and an eagle. Quite surreal.

Work was work, fairly enjoyable but left wrist playing up again. And now I’m going home.

There is a guy infront of me (not same seat set). He’s wearing an orange work vest that says “Push me for responce” (spelling as written). I wonder if he knows…

Yesterday. One of those days. Fell up stairs on way out of Spencer St. A weird guy on the the tram. Skitzophrenic – or something not quite right. He was leering at anyone female. Sat opposite me and tried talking…’why wont you talk to me’. I might have said fractionally more than nothing if it were someone else. I’d say hello to the asian guy 🙂 the one who repeats ‘channel 9 news’ over and over, but this guy was plain creepy. Ignored him and had to reread the one page of my book about three times for it to make any sense. Pity that, being the last page of Hitchhikers, you kind of want to end in style. He finally moved. So nice unsettling time. Hate stuff like that. Semi bothered others. just noticeably hanging round other women a few seats down.

Lunch with Jess C – that was ok. had to do most of the talking….(omitted part) Few awkward silences. It is worth the effort to get to know her better. I feel older than her, which in reality is not true.

Hmm don’t know what made me class yesterday as ‘bad’ I guess the morning’s stuff. A foul mood.

I did get a photo of my door (have I mentioned the orange door?). Took it in a hurry so not hugely great. Can’t put on blog til Burkie goes out and finds it for himself – somehow got me to promise that. something about it being ‘new’

I have my eccentricities (sp?) – if anyone else appreciates quirks in the same way – well.
The door is probably not worth half a blink to many … person walks past, “oh orange door” and promptly forgets.

A good thing – went to Alecia’s for dinner with Jess W an dSam. Lasagne – got to meet a few of her housemates. Played a game called Apples to Apples. Highly enjoyable. Love company and doing things out of the ordinary.

This writing is such a mess – hopefully recognisable to get down somewhere elses. This is in the notebook – originally for Group Focus stuff, it now lives in my backpack and serves numerous purpose, random thinkings on trains on occasion.

*Nunawadding Station

Should get to Moorolbark by 6:15ish maybe fractionally earlier.

It’s funny how you catch the same train every once, even twice a week then you are waiting on the platform and see the screen change to 5:16 Moorolgbark and think, “Oh good – this is mine. Why’s it not going to Lilydale?” You get on anyway and 5 minutes after sitting down realise you normally get the 5:23 which completely…

*Mitcham Station

…explains why it is not a Lilydale train and feel rather stupid for not giving it half a though initially.

Called Dad/Em/Home/Laura and finally got through to Laura who isn’t at home. So recalled home and eventually got on to them. Mum’s picking…

*Heatherdale Station

…me up from Moorl. and we are going on to Eastland.

And I am changing tenses (writing) all over the place.

I’m reading Provence a book about France. Has no real story line as such, beautiful description. People rant on and on with crappy metaphors. This guy – when he uses them- creates far better ones.

*Ringwood Station

Actually there is a story. Just a guy and his wife’s year living in Provence. So more small narratives of their life. I think it is true, I recall seeing the date 1989…

*Ringwood East Station

… somwhere.

I am sittin gat the wrong end of the train – 3 I think from the front which means I have to walk lots once I get to the sation – then again, its’ Moorl. maybe not.

Haha I could bore myself writing this. But can’t be bothered with more France right now. I have Relient K up nice and loud.

*Croydon… hmm not so late

Called Mum again to come now so I don’t have to wait in the cold.

Stopping now. nearly there.

The end of lovely boring train ride which I quite enjoyed.


*Moorolbark Station


*long wait in the cold


  1. said:

    Can’t put on blog til Burkie goes out and finds it for himself – somehow got me to promise that. something about it being ‘new’

    It’s not so much new, as in untainted. Cos you’ll only taint it for me. :p

    I mean to say that photography is about telling a story through that one image. And to be able to capture something the best, I don’t want to have any preconceptions of it. Meaning – I want to see if this door is as cracked up as you make it to be. And if it is, I want to do it complete justice, and stretch myself and my skills in doing so.

    June 25, 2005
  2. said:

    yes that! ^ 🙂

    hurry up will you!

    June 25, 2005

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