Get a life

maybe I shall turn this into a rant a vent or some other whatever.

frustrated/annoyed on a number of levels.
1. bored bored bored
2. have to find someone to feed my dog while we’re away
3. bored bored bored
4. the following comment via msn:

person: “hehe, just thought I’d let ya know, I discovered something when in the city”
bec: yeh?
person: “there are sooooooo many cute guys in the city :P”

very hard to convey a stoney silence and a ‘get a life’ over msn…

there is normality and there is just ‘grow up’, why must it become an entire topic of conversation?

frankly not in the mood.
so Im a lonely bored grump.
get a life bec.
Blogs stink sometimes. They don’t talk back not even to tell you to shutup.

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