Certain someones will be pleased to know I converted to Firefox today.
for those certain others who dont have a clue what I’m on about:

Off to a trivia night tonight.
At L. Baptist. It’s raising money for shipping containers to go to the Solomons. A worthy cause 🙂
We have a table with the Wingers… they would be the people with the most wonderful kids to babysit (no I’m not being sarcastic). Katrina, Ben and Kelly.
We’ll see how it goes. I have nothing better to do tonight, so may as well. (Avoids thinking homework)

Here’s to a boring blog post about the mundanes of what’s going on. (take that burkie’s RSS!)

So I’ve wasted copious amounts of time not doing a whole lot today.

I should probably get more imaginitive over what to put in here.


  1. Sam said:

    heya bec… yes, wasting days is always fun… and i find your blog full of interesting things…

    August 6, 2005
  2. said:

    Finally! You have converted!

    shall mark this day down in history.

    August 6, 2005

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