Disinterested Text Transfer Protocol

Nothing better to do huh?

Anything would have been.

I was bored out of my brains and did the only thing I could do to fill the time,
-eat random junk and feel yuck for it.
-say what HTTP stood for
-tell what pieces were involved in a particular chess move
-work out some of the word puzzles
yes I’m a nerd.

so many old/boring/irrelevant questions or those about ancient tv shows.

maybe I was just in a bad mood. I nearly said exactly what was on my mind to the same woman smoking outside the start and the end… that would be mentally heavily sarcastic.

It was huge, too big almost. Constant background noise for hours. Where’s my introvert cave?

They raised over $8000 which is impressive.

Solomons pictures on the screens at the start, that’s probably what killed the reasonable ‘anything goes’ mood.


  1. sam said:

    so bec, what does http stand for?

    August 6, 2005
  2. said:

    i’ll answer that one,

    Hyper Text Transfer Protocol 😛

    Which games company produced Pacman?

    August 6, 2005

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