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I’ve been hearing a heap about it lately. Through erm, Gathering’s (that would be ‘chapel’ held during the day at Tabor) by Stephen Said’s talk on Justice and TEAR , and in our class on ‘Spiritual Activism’ and Urban Seed by Marcus Curnow and in the sermon at my Grandma’s church which was on Hospitality and vastly relevant.

“From the very beginning and throughout the Bible, God’s privileged one is consistently the enslaved instead of the supposed free, the outsider instead of the insider, the sinner instead of the righteous, the wounded instead of the healthy, the lay instead of the clergy, the poor instead of the rich. I dare you to try to disprove that.”

originally from here but I got it from here (which is Stephen Said’s blog which I read upon occasion)

Anyway, Social Justice.
I don’t know if I fully ‘get it’. I’m defintely not really inclined towards it.
I do think it should play some kind of part in my life however I am not entirely sure how.

I grabbed a Micah Challenge bookmark today, and stuck it on my wall (which is starting to fill up with all sorts of interesting postcards and art 🙂 to remind myself to check it out sometime, and of the whole ‘Justice’ issue.

Yes I should look into this kind of stuff more. I have really only just started toying with vague ideas of even bothering to think about it.
I guess there are ways in which I help in the background, hmm lets see I helped fix up the Catalyst website (don’t laugh there is much to be done)…. which is something my work is involved in.

The truth is, despite not being entirely involved or having a passion for this kind of thing, it still interests me greatly.

I am not set out employed or consumed with the passion of social justice.
I could say, or start to recognise that my interests lie closer to home, within this beautifully huge, terrifying, uncharted territory of the obsessive trap of being online 24/7.

Stupid online youth ministry… hardly any resources behind it (that was a friendly ‘stupid’ don’t misinterpret please).

that saying….

I intend to go to the Genunie Connection day thing later in August… and will hopefully get some partially useful ideas. It looks interesting regardless.

*edit… and that post just petered out into nothing related to Social Justice. ah well.

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  1. said:

    never ended up making it to Genuine Connection conference… 🙂 maybe next year.

    September 4, 2005

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