M, M, Connex and the Photoshopped Moon

It looks like someone has come along and photoshopped the moon tonight, whatever they call the effect that makes it blury – probably ‘blur’ 😛 Beautiful, but I prefer it clear.

Had to catch the 7:33 this morning as Dad had to leave early. I was lazy changing trains, taking the flagstaff steps at less than a run, and dawdled a bit to get to the tram. It turned out fairly well and I only made it to work about 8 minutes early – may have been fractionally more than if I hadn’t have had to get off the tram around the port junction stop and swap trams for some unknown reason. An old Italian guy was like ‘hello little girl’ or something kind of ‘sus’… so I avoided him and found a seat near David the MBO RMIT IBL (how’s that for an acronym lineup?) student for this year. He personifies the word geek… I don’t mean that unkindly, but yeah, he really does.

I haven’t talked much about work before, the people are of course (as in most circumstances) the most interesting. To point out a few,

Rachel. The person who showed me the ropes in the first week. I am indebted to her. She is massively extraverted. I sometimes feel vaguely intimidated by her as she likes everything ‘just so’. She is really nice mostly 😛 I confess I like her best when her husband is around… it’s funny how certain others bring out the best. She knows Jo (yits) they go to the same church!

Melina. I semi job-share with Mel. Closer to my age, I think she’s just finished (or nearly done) uni. Entrepreneur’ness. Extraverted and sings pretty much non-stop, always cheerful. My desk increased in messiness as soon as she shifted out the front. It’s a pity I don’t see her as much now. Gives people nicknames like ‘Bella’ (me) and other random stuff.

Ian. Funny the people you get along with really well. Ian is the ‘grandpa’. I tend to bump into him all the time catching trams, trains etc… all guys should come and learn the meaning of the word ‘courteous’ from him. He’s really quiet. His wife is hillariously loud.

Shannon. Started work after me, she does all the financial stuff – took over from Angela. Also closer to my age. One smart cookie. Has goood taste in music. She sends out funny emails, erm… down the line, gets things done. She’s cool.

Paul. My boss. 😛 Short, optimistic, very people mined, trustworthy kind of guy. Runs in and out of the office. Meetings and ‘things’ non-stop. I admire his exceptional family/work ‘harmonising’ skills.

Snooky (Andrew). The run around person. Helps me out stack… incredibly um kind. He has a daughter called Rebekah (she’s two), so… when I occasionally calls me Becca or something I let him get away with it 🙂

there are plenty of others…
Col (people, people, people – my sort of sub-boss person now Angela is on long service leave. He’s cool), Derek (it took me a while to ‘get’ him, friendly), Jo (Has the coolest Irish accent), Chris, Jeff, Andy, David, Tod, Breck, Steve (the only one younger than me… although mm yes doesn’t seem it)…

I work here – Managed Business Outcomes

I did have the thought today, of maybe working there just until the end of the year. I’d be stupid to let the job go as the environment is fantastic, and they have rather amazing conference 😛 but the distance is painful, and the pay could be a little better… anyway, that’s only half a thought, it’s not really a possibility at the moment.

on an entirely different note,

I was briefly flicking through the MX (the paper full of well, crap that they disguise as news)… and some line about “Jennifer Aniston wanting to publish some of her private diaries as she’s paranoid about people thinking she is no longer ‘strong'”…. here’s me thinking to myself, if she’s so ‘strong’ why can’t she just cop the flack and let the media speculate – the ‘making it public’ is almost the ‘easy way out’. No it’s not my dilemma and I didn’t read the whole article, only about three lines. It quite ashamedly reminded me of this blog, although the ‘strength’ thing is far from what it is… possibly the opposite. It’s easy for me to wear the ‘strong’ mask.
mmm… anyway thoughts.

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