Well there’s another one.

I find out tonight, that Peta is engaged (this is my best friend from year 8, whom I have kept up with on and off).

Today in a nutshell:

-Lifeskills class, event management (of which I haven’t really mentioned much yet) is beginning to be a bit of a pain.
-Relieved of CAF duties (HOORAY) no dishes for Bec.
-Group Focus Lament Service, interesting, not in the right frame of mind for it. Had nice alone time after though, on a swing outside in the cold 🙂
-Chat with Elyce. Good stuff, talked life, she wanted to talk to me about beach missions stuff/interest… individually before she does group ask (???)
-Dinner. Jess pulled me aside and we talked about last night, sorted some stuff out. I pretty much clarified the misunderstanding, and we hopefully both ‘got’ where eachother was coming from. Apologised for a probably unnecesary comment over the phone. Conclusion, we are vastly different. We already knew this.
-Youth Min. Fairly good. Nothing gobsmackingly brilliant compared to previous weeks.

and that’s about it.
/boring post

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