Yesterday: lemons and trivia

Okay… recap, as yesterday slid by fairly quickly.

A lemon was delivered to a certain someone courtesy of another certain someone. Happy Birthday John for yesterday 🙂 Strangeness of how things start as a moment of stupidity continue well over a year…

Saturday, the best day I’ve had in ages. Change in the weather – always helps things. Spent the majority of it in the hammock or outside reading various boring and some interesting text books. Procrastinated oral presentation stuff majorly and didn’t end up doing a single thing. Walked the dog, the wattle trees are overburdened with yellow at the moment. I’ve decided I don’t like winter so much – unless of course it is raining outside. Weather affects people’s mood. Mine included.

Saturday night. Went to MECS (school) trivia night as a fill-in for Caren and Henry. Jess came too. Which was good, seeing as we probably the only people younger than 30. You think I’d learn to avoid trivia nights after the last one. Maybe I like mindless time wasters. Comparitively this was 80% better. The questions were way too easy – which was nice in a way. There was massive ammounts of bribery and corruption in which I played a fair part. Jess and I filled some of the time creating food creatures, it’s quite amazing what you can do with toothpicks, cheese, choc-coated almonds, chocolate biscuits and wine corks.

Caught up with Mr. Youl (English/Texts teacher) which was cool, he told us a little about his Egypt trip – not much. Mr. Dickson is hilarious, pity I never had him as a teacher. I managed to miss talking to Roger (Chem/Biology teacher) which was a bit of a shame. He who strikes fear into the heart of the poor little year ten’ers is actually a very bright man with a soft spot (haha for certain sisters *muahhaha*) generally. Strange to say I miss being challenged by him, and I miss the colloquial attitude that our Yr. 12 Chem classes evolved from the rigid nature of whatever used to be.

Home lateish. Msn lateish.
Lateish is the story of my evenings.

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