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Late night Wednesday classes.

I haven’t really talked a whole lot about YITS people before, which is surprising as they are very central in my life at the moment, and are probably one of the best things in my year (and hopefully extend further into my life).

So I will slowly I think attempt to make mention of each individual. I will, unfortunately have to be a little careful, for there are times when certain someones frustrate me and there are those who share this year and share my friends/aquaintances that read this.

I will mention her first, because despite frustrating me hugely almost everyday, she has been one of the most remarkable encouragements to me personally and inspirational in her completely out of the box approach to God and life.

The frustration I find is in her class interaction, the questions she replies to, the stories that continue endlessly – the point is often made, then lost or carried so far it is lost yet again. There are certain reasons for some of this of which I will not share which make things fractionally eaiser to understand, this does not significantly alter my response to her. She laughs at the drop of a hat often at something entirely in her head. You can laugh with/at her but it often just annoys me.

She loves God. Seems almost strange to put it that way. But she just really really loves God. She was talking to me this morning, about how she woke up and heard the birds singing and thinking how God is just a “bloody legend”. She shares this overt expression continually. She physically dances, and laughs and prays like God is the centre of her life. She lives a God reality. She talks to people everywhere about God, prays for people in pubs, in maccas… and she’ll tell her stories and still focus is not on her, but on her maker.

I laugh at her interchangeable use of multiple swear words during class/conversation. I think she scares lecturers sometimes – they don’t exactly know what to do with her. Yes sometimes it is inappropriate. She’s a hard person to really understand.

Kerryn has this year for me been that light, sometimes during a week – be it normal or difficult. She’ll give these bizzarely beautiful compliments, that would sound foolish coming from most people. I never quite know what to do with them.
Encouragement is a bigger deal for me than I usually let on.
Its so nice sometimes just to have someone notice you, to feel free enough to really go out of their way to love you with words.

I technically haven’t spent a huge amount of time with Kerryn, moments here and there. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone quite like her.
I admire her life. I could never be that kind of person in her outward expression, I would like to be the Rebecca version – to have her heart for God.

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