Coffee and Cake and Small Talk

Keeping things none to involved tonight, however great the intention was earlier to give a decent blog. I had gush modding work to do so it took priority, despite not really knowing what to say it was kind of nice to be doing something for the old place again – it’s been a while.

MBO’s 4th birthday today (that would be work) and despite the 40hr famine status of the office (yes, all food money for this week is going there) we had chocolate cake. Which allows me to comment on the quality that does differ between supermarket chains.
I’m terribly sorry Dave, but BiLo’s cake is a bit dry, and Cole’s is not so good – crumbly infact. Safeway mudcake is entirely perfect. If someone could make it at home, I’d consider it for a wedding cake – no joke. I like it a lot.
It was not safeway cake at work, but there was some at home when I got back anyway.

That said I’ve been more indulgent the past few days with chocolate things. The CAF at Tabor makes excellent brownies (although the caramel through them could be given a miss), unfortunately there was no icecream last night. I was justifying buying one last night by counting on not having to buy lunch today and just scabbing out of the work fridge – but no that didn’t really work.

Small Talk aka more random facts about Rebecca, just for you Katie 🙂 as you enjoyed the last one.

I am a big stinge with money the majority of the time.

I am not impulsive at all, except on very rare occasions.

Sponentaity does not enter into my life vocabularly very frequently. I like things planned.

I put lemon juice on baked potatoes (along with all the other stuff) – drown the potatoes in lemon juice belive me it’s GOOD.

I like grapefuit and sour stuff but not limes/homeade lemonade aka bushlime (as we call it in the Solomons – seeing as you use bushlimes rather than other um limes :”)

Pomello is the most wonderful fruit in the world 🙁 you can’t get it in Australia. I am very poo’d about this.

Ngali nuts are the most wonderful kinds of nuts in the world 🙁 you can’t get them in Australia. I am very poo’d about this.

I don’t like rice very much, but I’ll eat it if I have to.

I don’t mind curry except if it’s Thai – then it’s not so good, that or if it hits homeruns on the burning stakes and leaves you crying and hurting people for water. I didn’t used to like curry at all.

I haven’t cleaned my fish-tank in months… probably all year. My fish are both well over a year old. I don’t feed them much any more. 😐 poor fish.

I found an aqua and a light blue door (x2 different ones) near work today. They don’t quite match the orange door, but are pretty good. 😀 there’s also a red one somewhere.

I am desperately hoping I enjoy Charlie and the Chocolate factory – as I am commited to seeing it twice now :\ that saying, I don’t usually like seeing the same movie more than once too close together.

I’ve never been to a movie just by myself. I want to do this one day, purely for the experience.

I’ve enjoyed work the past two weeks… I don’t know particularly why. I haven’t come home entirely flat and dead tired from it – this could play a large part.

I like writing lists… To Do List.
If I continue liking to write lists, I’ll end up like my mum who writes list of words ie: rhyming or certain letter patterns, just to fill in time.

I love word games like Boggle.

I am sometimes mean and always unyeilding (except when personally beneficial) when I play monopoly with siblings – and with friends for that matter.

I have never had a ‘celebrity’ poster on my wall… I’m secretly proud of this fact.

Humor – if coming from me, is either a) sarcasticly loaded or b) word play/association related.
These word type things that I laugh at can be entirely obscure or relate to something going on in my head… making sense of them externally is not always the best idea.

enough for now….

Flagstaff has this very strange atmosphere when you are waiting for your train and the platform is full and no one is talking. All you hear is the slap of shoes against the concrete and the clunks of those foolish enough to wear stilletos on public transport. A man walked past me whistling. It made me smile.

A few observations from the train home today, seeing as I forgot my book and the batteries died on my discman halfway home 🙁

I was sitting opposite two older women (50ish) chatting away. Their conversation meandered like most do. They discussed travel and England, and daily events, someone at work. “Sunshine makes everything look good” – the second woman was younger than the first, almost ‘mutton dressed as lamb’ but a little more tasteful. She mentioned she got sent flowers the other day. Now, I don’t know but I have this habit of looking at people’s hands to see if they are wearing wedding rings (often in the reflection of train windows – it is surprisingly easy to get your left and right stuffed up).

The first woman was married, I heard her mention her husband. The second’s wedding rings were on her right hand. So as I do – wonder if they are wedding rings or just rings… yes, so the flowers. The first asked ‘did you miss him’ (while travelling) and the second gave this half confused reply of, “Yes of course, but I dont think it’ll ever be like that. I was a young chick once – even at 42, I didn’t know it then. It’s been 9 years…” She trailed off. Yes I’m a complete snoop and a love interesting lives and eavesdropping, however I guess it made me think of the issue of being ‘afraid of love’.

Namely because of being previously hurt, or of just being unfamiliar with it. I felt this great desire to shake her and say accept it, deal with it, if he loves you he isn’t going to care about age… like I would ever do something like that 🙂 but yes.

Afraid of love. Maybe we all are to an extent.
We all want love. I don’t doubt that.
Meeting and letting others meet that need though… that is something I struggle with.

– Paul return my book please, I have another to give you.
– Katie, Tuesday night’s all good for you to come.
– Tom if you want me to edit your story bring a copy on monday or next week… its too long for me to print 🙂 also, write more, it’s facinating.
– Dave, event meeting on Monday? Jane’s getting budget stuff together from our slow group members. I’ll email out to all again, we need to write a massive task list, we should stop procrastinating.
– Jas, thanks for help tonight, muchly appreciated.
– Burkie, don’t tell Sam your name, make her guess, bribe her good.
– Hello others 🙂


  1. Dave said:

    sounds good

    September 1, 2005
  2. dave said:

    oh yeah, and aint this msn fast a killer…i really wanna whinge to people…so so bad…hava good weekend

    September 1, 2005
  3. said:

    i can vouch for the monopoly statement. bec and i played a game a couple years back. bec got free parking every time, and i got to go to jail every time… ahh memories.
    and bec and word play jokes make me smile.
    and bec… cant you be nice and tell burkie to tell me his real name… ?
    oh, and hi

    September 5, 2005

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