Went to Vineyard again this morning. They had a guest speaker. Older woman with a very hard to listen voice (if that was only it, it would have been fine). The sermon well… if you can call it a sermon was in my definition to Dad afterwards: “full of crap” no joke. He rather agreed with me. I know you are meant to at least attempt to pick out the good bits (of which I struggled to do), Dad said his mind sieve was working hard, but the doctrine was screwed all over the place and woah no, bec was not impressed. Very tempted to walk out. I possibly reacted more strongly as some of it was entirely in a different field as some of the stuff we’ve been looking at in ‘college’ lately but mmmm. This is not to say I won’t go back, it was a guest speaker after all.

I caught up with Analise (at church) so that was good, she’s not coming tonight so it looks like It’ll just be Jess D, Jacqui and Me (maybe Nat) seeing Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I wasn’t planning on going as we have already arranged to go see it on Tuesday with YITS people (it being cheap tuesday) I said no at first, but later thinking about it, decided I could be bothered wasting a bit of money to spend some more time with Jess – appreciative/friend value. So here’s bec doing a very unbec thing by spending money on a full price movie and, seeing the same movie twice. I do not like doing this – it had better be good.

For lunch we went to the Shepherds (old pastor/wife and three little kids) for lunch. Yum BBQ and other, Canadian desert (seeing as Deb’s from there) hence I got to hear more of Laura’s Canadian stories… funny how that works, you sister goes overseas and you hear not a whole lot until she’s telling people other than family months later.

Hmm… msn back tomorrow.
Before I fast again, I want to look into stuff a bit more. You really don’t ever hear a whole lot about fasting. I have some questions.

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